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ArcScan Announces Launch of Iclsizing Website by London Vision Clinic, Dan Reinstein, MD

GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ArcScan, Inc., developer of state-of-the-art ophthalmic visualization technology, announced today that a paradigm shift in sizing phakic IOLs is taking place with the launch of at ESCRS in Paris, France. The website is based in large part on data from ArcScan's Insight 100.

One of the primary applications of the Insight 100 is to image anterior chamber ocular anatomy. The other major application is in posterior chamber imaging, as the Insight 100 provides very high-resolution images of the sulcus and ciliary body anatomy. Selecting a lens size based on direct measurement of posterior chamber dimensions enables improved safety for phakic IOLs. At the recent Paris ESCRS, Dr. Reinstein and his group at the London Vision Clinic launched, which includes their work on ICL sizing with Insight 100 data, as well as other published ultrasound biomicroscopy sizing formulae.

"Before I used the Insight 100 to assist in ICL sizing for my patients, I worried significantly about size-related complications the first 24 hours after surgery. Now that I use it routinely for ICL sizing, I sleep better at night!"

—Eva Kim MD, Front Range Medical Director Icon Eye Care.

With installations already in place in many countries, this new ICL sizing website will allow users of the Insight 100 to increase their successful implant rate. The expanded presence of the Insight 100 in the Chinese market, where nearly one-third of all ICLs are implanted, coincides with the launch of the ICL sizing website.

Along with its epithelium mapping capabilities (for early detection of keratoconus) and glaucoma applications, ArcScan's Insight 100 has the power to image the equator of the natural crystalline lens. "This groundbreaking imaging capability will have vast implications in the world of IOL sizing:" according to Andy Levien, CEO of ArcScan. All of these capabilities will be on display at the San Francisco AAO, booth #2160.

To learn more about the ArcScan Insight 100 for ophthalmic imaging or to schedule a demonstration, visit, email or call +1 877.363.SCAN (7226) or +1 720.399.8500 from outside North America. 

About ArcScan: ArcScan is continually evolving ultrasound to provide ophthalmologists with new insights into the true anatomy of the anterior segment of the eye, including areas behind the iris. ArcScan's mission is to enable better care and treatment in ophthalmology by driving improved outcomes in refractive, corneal, cataract, and glaucoma surgery.

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